Facebook introduces a new ad format—Collection

30% of mobile shoppers say video is best way to discover new products. Appealing to this, Facebook has recently unveiled—collection, a new ad format which incorporates video and product images while making it exciting and easier for people to browse and purchase products.


Global sportswear brand, Adidas used the Facebook collection ad format to drive sales for its new Z.N.E Road Trip Hoodie, delivering a 5.3X return on ad spend.

What is Collection?

Collection – An ad format which starts with a video or image, followed by four product images placed beneath. Tap on the ad and it opens a catalog of up to 50 different products–these products are automatically selected by Facebook, bases the preferences you have set along with users’ preferences. Users will be directed to the company’s website upon clicking on any specific product from where they can make the purchase.

Measuring the results—a step ahead

Facebook has made a significant change in the way marketers’ can measure the result of the ads by introducing a feature that helps you measure outbound clicks–that is when someone clicks out of the ad to the business’ website. Also available on Instagram.

Get started with this new ad format, collection, visit the Advertiser Help Center or contact your Facebook representative.


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